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The Most Unique Wedding Ring Designs

Wedding rings are known to be classic designs with little to no embellishment. Today, however, people are choosing designs that make their wedding bands look less like simple rings and more like statement pieces. We can understand the need to level up because fashion is ever evolving and wedding rings […]

How to Select A Good Wedding Planner

You are probably going to select a wedding planner only once in your life and choosing your wedding planner is, in all likelihood, the first big thing you are doing with the person with whom you have decided to spend the rest of your life. Hence, it is becomes very […]

Marriage ceremony Traditions In Africa

Wedding Traditions In Africa

Africa is a large continent and African wedding ceremony ceremonies can differ enormously from nation to nation. Many at present are veering towards what is named the African White Western Marriage ceremony which is extra in step with conventional British Christian weddings within the UK. Nevertheless, African weddings can contain […]