How To Pick An Engagement Ring

Are you thinking about asking someone to marry you? Popping the question can be incredibly nerve-wracking, and picking the engagement ring adds to that stress. However, there are many strategies that you can use in order to streamline this process and make it much easier for you. By adopting some of these strategies, you will be able to find the perfect engagement ring for your partner. Here are some of the best tips to find the perfect engagement ring of your partner’s dreams.

Find The Perfect Place

Finding the perfect shop to find your engagement ring can be difficult, especially when there are so many. However, there are many specific areas that are renowned for their collections of only the best and most beautiful rings. The jewellery quarters in your city are one of the best places to look- for example, Londoners trust special areas such as Hatton Garden, which are known for their jeweller’s range of expertise. Hatton Garden Engagement Rings are some of the most popular in the whole of the UK. Finding the best jewellery quarter in your area should be one of the first places you look when picking out an engagement ring.

Identify Their Favourite Colours And Themes

Hopefully, an engagement ring is something you wear for the rest of your life. Therefore, it needs to be perfect for the person who will receive it. It’s important to look at your partner’s preferred style of jewellery – an engagement ring is a token of love, and it should reflect how much you know your partner. It should be a celebration of them. Pay close attention to the metals and colours your partner often wears- this will point you in the right direction of what their ideal engagement ring should look like.

Identify Your Budget

The old adage goes that an engagement ring should be worth three month’s salary. However, this has fallen by the wayside in recent years. Many couples don’t want expensive wedding jewellery, and would prefer the money to go to a honeymoon or towards their new home. Sometimes, people would prefer a high end engagement ring though. So it’s important to have a clear budget in your mind so you know which rings and which places you should go to. This will allow you to narrow down your options and make it so you can afford a wedding alongside an engagement ring! There are many beautiful options for all different kinds of budget.

Consider All Options

Do you think your partner would prefer a modern, recently made engagement ring, or something from a more vintage, traditional era? Knowing this will help you look in the right places for the perfect engagement ring. There are many different jewellery shop options that will be able to cater to any need. There are many jewellers that specialise in bespoke, custom jewellery, and others that have an extensive range of Antique Engagement Rings. Some people even make their engagement rings themselves, if they have the tools and expertise to do so. Finding the right option for you is one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing an engagement ring, so thinking carefully about each one will only work in your favour.

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