Month: January 2020

Modern Ideas for Your Wedding Reception

Planning for your own wedding is basically like planning the biggest party of your entire life. From your outfit, the music you play to the menu you choose for your guests; every single element is chosen by you and your partner. There is so much to organise, and there are […]

Best bar option for your wedding

The type of wedding environment decides what kind of bar is in need. For a classy, formal wedding affair couples probably shy away from having an open bar, but for a big party, it is more casual. Of course, the budget you have decided on the wedding bar also makes […]

Choose the right accessories with your prom dress

The use of the right accessories is the secret of dressing successfully for the prom. Using average accessories with a fantastic outfit can create a total mess while wearing appropriate accessories to modify an average looking prom dress into a classic outfit. Although you can get Prom Dresses from USADressy […]