How to Select A Good Wedding Planner

You are probably going to select a wedding planner only once in your life and choosing your wedding planner is, in all likelihood, the first big thing you are doing with the person with whom you have decided to spend the rest of your life. Hence, it is becomes very important that you make this selection carefully. After all, you are entrusting the conduct of the most important day of your life into this person’s hands.

These are the important things you need to look for when you are trying to select a good wedding planner.

Experience and References

When it comes to wedding planning, experience really matters. If your wedding planner has handled many weddings before, they will know about the various contingencies that might happen and the surprises that are likely to pop up at the last minute. An experienced person will also have contacts with some good venders who can provide you with discounts and even some freebies such as a free guestbook or maybe even a free dessert. Their experience will also tell them how to get you things that look expensive but actually aren’t. If you think about it, an experienced wedding planner will pay for themselves. That is why you should ask for references. References sort of seal the fact that your chosen wedding planner is up to the task.

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If you are selecting someone who is just starting out, references won’t be a possibility. But at least you should ask them if they have someone experienced to consult with if the need arises and such consultation shouldn’t be at an added cost to you.

Creative Imagination

If your chosen wedding planner has imagination, most of the task is done for you. You could test them. Tell them your colors and ask them how they will work with them. For example, how they will plan the flowers and stuff with those colors. Or ask them what kind of seating arrangement they will plan at the venue. Such things give you a good idea of how they are going to plan things. You could also ask them for their ideas on your invites and family favors.

Their Costs

Wedding planners can be hired in three ways. You could hire them for the entire period of your wedding, or for just the wedding day or for the wedding day and consultations before the day arrives. If you hire them for the entire period, it is going to be the costliest, but then you will have the convenience of letting them book everything for you and you can go with them during the negotiations and bookings. Get a contract signed and understand everything in the contract well. Feel free to ask for changes and arrive at something that makes both of you happy.

Hopefully, these information will help you select a good wedding planner.