Thinking of having a drone at your wedding!

Drones or UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) are image-capturing aircraft used to capture unique viewpoints not available through conventional methods. The drone may be steered through complex flying patterns while simultaneously seeing the recording and shooting views in real-time.

Drone videography is awe-inspiring since the footage captures the majesty of a wedding site and its surroundings in stunning detail. This aircraft is tiny and light, piloted from the ground using a hand-held remote control. Drone wedding film and photography have been increasing for a long time, and it’s not hard to understand why. These drones can take incredibly unique aerial wedding images and film that you’ll want to save forever.

Is the cost of drone wedding photography and videography justified?

Drones are a great choice to think about when it comes to wedding filming and photography since they can be used in so many different ways. It is entirely up to you to decide whether you want drone photography and videography, but you must be aware of the benefits of drone photography or video making. To get the grand visuals that are also dramatic in scope and make your wedding film much more valuable, aerial videography is a blessing.

Drone videography establishes the scene sets the tone for the ground photography, videography, and storytelling that follows. Drones can film a specific moment between the bride and groom, fly over your site, or shoot a massive gathering of guests from above to record critical moments of the day.

Reasons to include a drone in your wedding photography:

Drones provide fresh viewpoints and images of the numerous lovely locations that individuals pick for their big day. A drone can capture the finest of the site, whether it’s a small beach wedding or a massive celebration at a mountainous resort. Still, your photographer/videographer must know how to utilize a drone to fully appreciate the location and all of its features.

Here are some of the important reasons to add drone photography/videography to your wedding budget:

  • Drone filming offers you epic shots, and you can take a dramatic and colossal perspective view of your wedding venue. The production level of the drone camera is matchless, and no other camera approach can match it. Whether it is an overhead picture of the couple or romanticizing the first kiss of the bride and groom, drone photos excel the beauty of the moment.
  • Drones help to take natural-looking photographs without the need for a flash or an invading photographer. Your photographer/videographer can have the benefit of being able to capture new perspectives and vistas from the air. The drone stays higher, so your friend’s hand holding an iPhone in your photograph will be irrelevant, and No family member or relatives may get in the way while attempting to snap more photos.
  • Couples can use a drone camera to get more dramatic and beautiful wedding films and images. Especially when they have a destination wedding, such as a wedding in Rapid City, the pictures will be much better. As a backdrop for wedding photographs, you can have the picturesque splendor of several spectacular images. It means they are free to be as inventive as they wish.
  • Many of us had experienced that embarrassing time when the photographer had to climb a ladder to fit the entire party inside their frame, but now that’s old. Drones are an excellent choice for photographing huge groups. It is easy to take a picture of a huge bridal party or a significant number of wedding guests or a family photo with three generations because a drone can potentially capture a view as wide as you desire.


You may hire a drone operator online or click here to get more information about Ariel’s wedding videography in Rapid City. Ensure you speak with your photographer correctly and tell him how you want him to photograph your wedding day.

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