The Most Unique Wedding Ring Designs

Wedding rings are known to be classic designs with little to no embellishment. Today, however, people are choosing designs that make their wedding bands look less like simple rings and more like statement pieces. We can understand the need to level up because fashion is ever evolving and wedding rings are no stranger to this phenomenon. Here are some of our favorite examples of unique wedding bands:

  1. Fingerprint Wedding Bands

The jeweler will take a fingerprint from each couple and engrave it on to the rings. This can be done either inside or outside the ring. Sometimes, they will add diamonds to the ring as well. Some may think that a fingerprint is too fine to replicate, but jewelers are quite crafty and they can do almost anything when they put their mind to it.

  1. Antique Heirloom Wedding Bands

Antique jewelry is hard to come by especially because no one wants to let go of it. However, once a couple finds a pair of wedding bands that have history and a unique design, it’s no surprise that they will get it as soon as they can. Antiques may feel like they belong to someone else, but the story of the ring may be enough to pull you in.

  1. Filigree Wedding Bands

The filigree design is made by carving out a thick wedding band to show a unique design such as swirls and loops or vines. The design is carved out so that you can see the skin of your fingers under the filigree design. It’s quite a beautiful piece of art that any couple would want for their wedding band.

  1. Themed Wedding Bands

One particular pair that drew my attention was the Viking wedding band set. I would not be surprised to see more thematic wedding bands for couples who share the same passions and hobbies. It’s a nice change because they can use different metals and can match their rings while keeping in line with their chosen theme. Other themes we observed were wooden rings, world map rings, Celtic rings, and sculpted rings.

  1. Unconventional Pairings

Usually, wedding bands need to look the same. However, we’ve seen a trend where one wedding band is more of a statement piece than the other. This is usually the fiancee’s ring. The fiancé will sport something simpler with the same material. The big difference in these types of rings that some of the women’s rings may have a large gem as the centerpiece, while the man’s ring will be a simpler iteration of the other design.

  1. Stone Rings

While this may seem thematic, but it deserves a separate category because I have seen a lot of rings that were carved out of gem stones or regular stones. The jeweler may or may not keep the original texture of the stone. Either way, the rings look gorgeous and are fit for couples who want to match.

  1. Diamonds Everywhere

Now, most wedding rings back then were simple precious metal bands. Now, the rising trend is diamond studded, diamond-encrusted, and eternity or illusion diamond wedding bands. If you are looking for a Vancouver diamond wedding band, you will see that many couples are opting for the full diamond bands. Even the men! Now, which wedding band style is your preference?