Essential gear for wedding videography

Wedding videography is maybe a lot of fun, but it has so many difficulties also. As a videographer bringing the proper equipment for the job is the best possible way to ensure that you capture all of the photos you want and, more importantly, the client couple wants!

Shooting a quality wedding video necessitates the same amount of equipment as shooting a short film. Here are some of the essential equipment a videographer requires for wedding videography in Sioux City.

1.    Camera:

The most obvious requirement for shooting a wedding is a camera. It is a complex topic that needs to answer so many questions like:

  • What type of camera is ideal for a startup firm?
  • Which is the best camera under $1000?
  • What questions to ask before purchasing a camera etc.

In addition to the main video camera, a videographer must have a backup camera ready for cameras and lenses. At least two cameras are required to record wedding footage. It means in a whole at least three cameras are in need to film a wedding.

2.    Zoom Autofocus Lens:

A zoom lens is the best to record wedding video, but in low-light conditions, a fixed lens with a wide aperture is the right choice. The adaptability of a zoom lens is fantastic, and it saves the time switching positions that a videographer has to do with a fixed lens.

Many videographers swear for fast lenses, and they are fantastic for a range of situations. Still, a zoom lens is so much easier and more adaptable, especially when the illumination is acceptable.

3.    Camera Stands:

Stability is essential for a videographer because there is nothing worse than a shaky video. Videographers use Monopods and Tripods, which work wonderfully. Monopods are simpler to transport than tripods since they are less bulky and cumbersome. Whatever stability device you pick, ensure that it is sturdy, lightweight, and fits conveniently into your camera bag.

4.    Video Lighting:

Videographers must have to use video light as it doesn’t cost much and is well worth the effort. We all know couple dance is one of the most favorite attractions of the wedding night and most of the time you find dim lights in the ballroom. Here’s when video light comes in handy. You can screw it into your camera’s hot shoe and presto to capture razor-sharp dance moments. Video lights generally come with two separate filters for lowering the color temperature and a dimmer switch for regulating the light brightness.

5.    Lavalier Microphones

Use clip-on lapel mics for recording wedding vows and any additional audio that the bride has asked. They’re simple to use and quite effective. Simply clip one to the minister’s and groom’s lapels, and you’re ready to go.

Wedding videographer also use iPhone to record lavs, but you may also use the ZoomH1 Recorder or other comparable choices. If you choose to use your iPhone, make sure it is in aeroplane mode.

6.    All kinds of Batteries:

Make sure you have enough batteries for all of your different demands. Camera batteries, AA and 9V batteries for your audio recorder or microphones, and light batteries are also necessary. If you don’t have enough batteries, set up a charging station on to recharge batteries.


These are a few of the absolute bare minimums that you would bring with you to videography the preparations, arrivals, ceremony, and reception. For more information related to wedding videography and photography, click here.

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