Why Scottish Wedding bands are costlier than pub bands

Before we go any further, let me point out that wedding bands are superior to pub cover bands, even though this may be unfair to amateur pub bands. Many well-known bands started playing a mix of cover songs and original material in local bars and clubs.

Usually, the cost of Wedding Bands Scotland starts from £200 to £1200 depending upon the group of people involved. In most cases, pubs won’t be able to expect to be paid extravagantly. Musical forums suggest that you should budget between £200 and £300 for two hours. However, you should be aware that some pubs will place a cap on their offer at £100. Whether or not it’s worth it is entirely up to you to decide.

The second most effective variable to decide the cost is the size of Events. The cost of a low-key wedding is little. However, booking a Wedding Bands Scotland for a business or commercial event will be pretty expensive. The private gatherings with a smaller guest list like weddings and birthday celebrations can still afford to be quite lavish.

There are numerous reasons why Wedding Bands Scotland are more expensive:

·       The quality of equipment:

High-quality systems, musical instruments, and lighting are standard equipment for every reputable wedding band. So the cost of quality makes it costlier.

·       The risk involved in travelling:

All UK wedding venues must have public liability insurance. They also spend on equipment upkeep and Portable Appliance Testing. The risk premium is added to the cost.

·       Equipment up-gradation:

Today, technology is changing every day, and to keep up with others and remain competitive in the market, wedding bands are required to keep their equipment upgraded to cope with others and stay in.

·       Special requirement:

Another reason wedding bands charge more is the added stress of playing on such an essential day for everyone involved, not just the bride and groom. Rehearsals take a long time to ensure that everyone is in tune and on schedule.

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