What are the benefits of flower walls at a wedding?

This is one of the most important questions people have been asking me, why I put so much emphasis on decorating your events with a flower backdrop instead of the regular ready-made decorations that are available in the market.

Well… I understand purchasing readymade decoration from the market for your event and then just hanging it on your wall and the corner of the house sounds amazing and obviously, it is hassle free as well.

But have you ever thought that what happens to the Decorations that you have made after an event has been closed already?

So, the answer is pretty obvious that all the ready-made and disposable decoration pieces are dumped and are thrown away in the bins.

But if you pay closer attention it is just Disposable decoration but not recyclable and that is the main reason it affects our environment a lot. As all of us know already that a simple plastic piece takes up to 400 years to start decomposition and before that, for the first 400 years it will only damage the environment and life that exists around the plastic.

I know most people think this way that they are not going to make it till the 400th year so why bother. But our next generations will live on this earth and if we won’t take care of our environment then all the natural resources that we are enjoying today without paying for them, next generations will find the same resources as scarce resources which means if we continue to harm our environment with these plastics next generation will get a really ugly picture of this world.

  • Now, on the other hand, Flower walls or Flower backdrops help us a lot in keeping our environment greener and better.
  • Flowers decompose so quickly that they can’t even live for a complete week if they get detached from the plant.
  • Even if you use a flower wall for one day and the next day you don’t want to keep the flowers on the wall.
  • You can easily throw them away into bins and they cannot harm the environment at all because actually flowers and plants are the real environment that we are trying to save here.
  • There are many more benefits of preferring a flower wall instead of a plastic decorated wall. Your room and especially that wall will have an amazing scent that everybody would enjoy.
  • So, I believe after reading this you folks will also prefer a flower backdrop instead of a plastic one.

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