Wedding Flower Trends 2020

Weddings are not complete without flowers. They are essential because they enhance the aesthetic value of the space being used for the ceremony. Wedding planners work hand in hand with florists to ensure that the couple gets flowers that meet their preferences. Wedding flowers in London and other parts of the world are designed to fit the theme of the occasion. Colors and the type of flowers are the top aspects that the florist and planners have to be sure about. The wishes of the couple must also be respected.

Dry flowers

Using dry flowers instead of fresh ones is a trend thatmost couples are opting for in 2020. The dried flowers have a unique texture, and this is one of the big draws that is propelling the popularity of this trend. The texture comes with romantic tones that elevate the overall appearance of the venue. Dry flowers last longer, and their appearance will remain the same for the beginning of the ceremony and many days after. Additionally, one can use the same set of flowers for the different ceremonies leading up to the nuptials. This makes it possible for the organizers to do the floral arrangement days before the wedding. The downside of this type of flower is that they lack the fragrance that fresh flowers have.

Deconstructed arrangements

The designs for floral wedding arrangements vary depending on the theme and preferred style of the couple getting married. Not everyone wants the elaborate and precise design used for weddings. For this reason, the deconstructed arrangements were born. It is a trend that is gaining masses in 2020 with a decent number of couples opting to have single stems displayed randomly to enforce the deconstructed notion. The venue does not have to look disorganized. The flowers ought to follow a specific design without being evident to the people at the wedding.

Edible d├ęcor

Flowers are intricate in any wedding, as we mention above, but they do not have to be the only pieces in the arrangement. Berries and other fruits can be included in the arrangement to elevate the value of the floral design. Pineapples, pomegranates, and pumpkin are among the fruits that one can consider including in the arrangement. Berries are also an excellent choice for use in flower bouquets and other arrangements needed for the wedding. Large fruits such as pineapples are best for placing on the table.

Hanging flowers

This trend is slowly growing to be a favorite among the population. It has been around for a few years, but not many people were using this option. Currently, it is among the top trends that both planners and couples prefer for their great day. The rigging and set up is more straightforward. It is also affordable when compared to the other options available. The hanging installations give the stylist the freedom to manipulate the design.

When choosing a floral arrangement, there are many factors to take into consideration, including emerging trends. Your stylist may have new designs for you. Ensure that the fit within preference before giving the go-ahead for the setup.

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