Tips to choose affordable photographer in Las Vegas

Wedding photography is really a challenging job!

But it is expensive too, and a wedding photographer accounts for at least 10% to 12% of the total wedding budget. When you want professional-grade memories, you have to spend more. Las Vegas is the city that offers so many wedding photographers. This is why it can be hard to find a professional, creative, and talented photographer.

Las Vegas popular wedding packages for photography are one, two, and three hour sessions. One can easily find a package that suits their needs and budget. Lorenzo Sandoval is a professional photographer famous for his finest piece of work and affordable photography in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Lorenzo Sandoval

Lorenzo shares a few tips for getting professional yet affordable photography Las Vegas, Nevada services to save money on your wedding:

  1. Try to hire a qualified rising professional who is willing to do wedding photography for less to build their profile. Ensure that the photographer must have enough prior experience, necessary help or assistance, and adequate equipment required for professional wedding photography. Check their previous work before hiring them as your wedding photographer.
  2. You can choose a professional but less established photographer to get professional-grade work at a non-professional price.
  3. Visit a local wedding photographer, ask your friends or family to suggest an affordable option, search online, and get multiple quotes to compare.
  4. Narrow down your choice after getting multiple quotes and check references. Though checking references cannot reduce your wedding photography cost directly, it will satisfy the outcome. It may also encourage you to increase your wedding photography budget a little more.
  5. Check wedding photography packages offered by professional photographers and stick with their low-price packages. It is also good to choose a professional wedding photographer’s standard package that includes a complete shoot with an image DVD or online gallery. With just bare essentials, you can get a professional wedding shoot at an affordable price.
  6. It is not necessary to add bound albums and wall prints in your wedding photoshoot package. You can quickly spread your investment out over a more extended time. Order fewer and smaller finished photos, lose leather binding, and opt for magazine-style, simple, glossy, and flexible wedding album pages.
  7. Choose an off wedding season to get marry or organize a weekday wedding. This is another way to ask for an off-peak discount from a professional photographer.
  8. Don’t be shy to get referral discounts or credits from your photographer.
  9. If you want a wedding video and a wedding album, go with the same provider for photography and videography. Combined order for photos and video can save hundreds of dollars then separate videography and photoshoot.
  10. Limit the hours of your photographer and ask them to capture the high points of your wedding. Avoid professional shots of the couple getting ready for the wedding, complete reception party highlights, etc. Limit your professional photography requirements to capture walk down the aisle, exchanging vows, after ceremony procession, and cake cutting ceremony.

Lorenzo Sandoval


Keep in mind that hiring another photographer to re-create your wedding photos costs more than hiring a professional wedding photographer. It is more affordable to spend a little more on your wedding photo shoot.


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