Tips for choosing the perfect engagement ring

So, you’ve found the girl of your dreams and you’ve asked her father for permission to propose. Now, you need to plan the perfect proposal and buy a ring. Choosing the right ring as a surprise for your partner can be more nerve-wracking than approaching her father. It’s an important symbol of love and commitment but it also needs to be gorgeous enough that she’ll want to show off to everyone she knows. Here are some tips to make the task seem a little less daunting:

Know your budget

Before looking at rings, it’s a good idea to set yourself a realistic budget and keep within that price range. This will help narrow your search. Remember that there’s nothing romantic about debt, so invest your thought and heart but not your next 6 months salary! For great deals on Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings, visit

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Many couples shop for rings together these days according to jewellers. Whilst this does ensure that she gets the ring she likes, and it fits perfectly, you’re both denying yourselves a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be spontaneous, romantic and thoughtful. Imagine the brownie points you’ll score if the proposal is a surprise, you’ve chosen a stunning ring and it fits her perfectly! It will require some effort but surely it’s worth it? Only ignore this advice if you know without a shadow of a doubt that your partner wans to choose their own.

Ring Size

This is probably the trickiest part of planning a surprise proposal. Getting the wrong size ring is a major pitfall and can make the proposal an awkward and disappointing event after all that hard work. You can always take the ring back to the jeweller to be re-sized but that involves additional cost. See if you can get hold of one of her rings and take it to the jewellers with you. Try to choose one she doesn’t wear often so it won’t be missed.

What’s her style?

It’s important to find a style and design that she’s going to love and matches her personality. This is also going to require some sneaky missions, covert questions and strong observational skills. Try to take note of the kind of jewellery she wears. Is it silver, gold or platinum? Does she wear certain stones, like her birthstone? Does she favour simple, understated elegance or is she outgoing and flashy, appreciating a more extravagant style engagement ring? You can always take her to a jewellery store under a different pretext, such as needing a new watch and see what she ends up gazing at. With a bit of luck, she’ll happily point out her window-shopping dreams.

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The band

You also need to consider the material for band of the ring. No, it’s not just the stone you need to choose but the band as well. The most popular include silver, gold, platinum, white gold and rose gold. They each have their pros and cons. For example, gold is shiny and more pliable while platinum is incredibly durable but dulls quicker than gold.

Don’t overthink it too much though as your partner will be much more interested in how beautiful it looks and not so much what it’s made of, unless she has allergies. If she’s a modern gal, opt for platinum or white gold. For a more timeless and elegant traditional look, choose a simple yellow gold band.