Modern Ideas for Your Wedding Reception

Planning for your own wedding is basically like planning the biggest party of your entire life. From your outfit, the music you play to the menu you choose for your guests; every single element is chosen by you and your partner. There is so much to organise, and there are lots of options to choose from in order for your big day perfect. And, some things take longer than others to organise. For example, there are lots of wedding venues in London to choose from. You also want your wedding reception to be perfect so your ceremony can go off with a bang. But, there are so many options for you to choose from which can sometimes get overwhelming for couples. That’s exactly why we have created this article. From your own Instagram hashtags to video booths, we have ideas that your guests will instantly fall in love with.


Let’s be completely honest; there’s not many people out there that don’t enjoy watching a magician. They are easy to book and organise and are a versatile option for your wedding reception’s entertainment.

You Own Hashtags

A growing trend amongst the younger generation of social media lovers is to set up your own Instagram hashtags that your guests can use during your wedding day. If you do decide to curate your own Instagram hashtags, then it will make it so much easier to find the photos that were uploaded during your wedding day. You could then save these photos and get them professionally printed for your own home or for any family members that want them.

Wishing Stones

You could add a lovely touch to your wedding day with a wishing stone guest book. Instead of traditional paper and pens, you could gather some stones and a few sharpies, and you will have yourself wishing stones that your guests can leave messages on during your wedding reception.

Video Booths

Another (and more modern) alternative to a traditional guest book is by having a video booth during your wedding reception. You can be very creative if you choose to have a video booth by setting your own rules like getting people to sing their favourite songs; the choice is entirely up to you.

Children’s Activities 

It’s a good idea to think about the children that will be attending your wedding day. You can keep them entertained by printing out colouring activities, have board games that they can play or give them their own responsibilities during the reception.

Song Requests

More and more couples are struggling to come up with playlists for their big day that all of their guests will enjoy. So, why not add a section on your wedding invitations that asks them what songs they want played? This way, it will help to inspire you so you can create a playlist that is going to be truly unique.

Thank You Signs

Why not place a thank you sign that is by the exit of the reception? This way, if your guests don’t get the chance to say goodbye, they will see your appreciation as they prepare to go home. You could use a simple chalkboard that you can beautifully decorate and write your personalised message on.

Doughnut Displays

Doughnut displays are becoming more and more popular as additions to weddings deserts and are a fun and modern way of surprising your guests. Why not think about placing a doughnut display next to your wedding cake to create a colourful and delightful statement table.

Bring Your Guests Together 

Why not change your original seating arrangements from formal table rows and have a circular table plan around you? Not only will it make you more visible to your guests, but it will make all of them feel more included and will make your wedding reception feel more intimate.

Celebrate an Alternative Culture 

Why not inject a dose of alternative culture during your wedding reception? For example, why not hire a group of dancers to perform for your guests.

Remember, It’s Your Big Day

Remember that whatever details you choose for your big day, make sure that they reflect your personality and relationship you have with your partner. And, you don’t need to take everything on yourself. You can also ask your close friends and family to help with the planning. The most important thing to keep in mind is that planning your wedding day should be easy, enjoyable and a time that neither you nor your partner should ever forget.