How to Find Your Dream Wedding Venue

Choosing a venue for your wedding is one of the most critical decisions you will make while planning your big day. Without a proper venue, your wedding will not be the magical memorable experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life. It will, in fact, be nothing but problems on top of problems.

You’ve already put so much time into selecting the caterer, planning the menu, compiling the guest list and creating the invites, not to mention the dress. These things all cost a substantial amount of money as well, so you may be thinking that your choice of venue is going to be severely limited.

Not true. There is no shortage of wedding venues raleigh nc in which you can have a dream wedding, you just need to be smart and savvy about finding just the right place.

Consider the Location

So, where do you and your spouse really want to get married? Is this an event you want to have in the city where you live or would you rather turn into a destination wedding? Perhaps it is some place that is special to you and your spouse. Whatever the case may be, you need to think about the venues that exist in that region and start to whittle down your possibilities by some important factors.

But regardless of where you decide to have the wedding, you want to be sure that your chosen location has the essentials necessary for making your day special.

Capacity of The Space

Before you start to tour locations and venues, you really need to think about the size of your guest list. This will play a significant role in the location you ultimately decide to rent. After all, if you don’t have a line on the number of people you are expecting to attend the wedding, you can’t hire the ideal venue.

The biggest fear is that you will rent a place that is simply too small to accommodate everyone and then you are running the risk of getting on the wrong side of the fire marshal who will have no qualms about shutting the party down. A cramped space is not an option for a wedding.


Finding the right size venue in terms of capacity is based on the agenda you have in mind for your wedding. Most weddings incorporate the ceremony and then the reception. For the latter, you need to consider how guests will be fed, is it going to be a full-service meal or waiters walking around with hors d’oeuvres? Dancing is another common component of any wedding, so are you going to have a DJ with a dancefloor in this venue?

You want to be sure whatever venue you select is going to have enough space to accommodate your guests and all of the activities you have in mind.

Rental Costs

Of course, here is the biggest concern for any wedding. Set a budget ahead of time so you are limiting yourself to touring only those locations that are within that budget. There’s no sense in checking out places that are well out of your price range. Plain and simple.