Choosing the Right Wedding in Spain Accommodations for Your Guests

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Planning your wedding accommodation is all about the comfort of you and your guests on the day that will be the biggest and best day of your life yet- your wedding Spain day. At your destination wedding in Spain you’ll be hosting a lot of out-of-towners. You and your guests will be coming from outside Spain. That means that accommodations are an important part of your wedding planning.

It becomes your responsibility to research accommodations and if possible, book en masse for you and your wedding Spain guests. Even if you won’t be booking in bulk, you should at the very least have some advice to give your guests. You could send these to them via email or put it up on your wedding website. To find the best wedding accommodations for your celebration you’ll have to do some research. When doing your research, the following are some important details that you should pay attention to.

·  The Location

The distance from the accommodation to the venue of your wedding in Spain should not be too far. The closer, the better. Narrow your search by choosing accommodations around your venue. You should also try to choose an accommodation that is easy to reach from the airport. Both your wedding Spain venue and accommodations should be easily accessible for a smooth wedding in Spain.

·  The Budget

Some of your guests may be ready to spend big when it comes to hotel accommodations and some may not. Booking as a group is one way to get the best rates and you can also get rooms with a variety of prices thrown in when you book room blocks. So, for your wedding in Spain, try to get a group discount. Where not possible, find out if there are lower cost alternatives.

·  The Size

If the number of guests you’re expecting from out of town is much, go for hotels. Smaller inns and bed and breakfasts will do for fewer guests. So, whether you’ll be choosing to have a small or a large wedding in Spain will affect the type of wedding accommodations that you go for.

·  The Amenities

Cable TV, internet access and parking are must-haves when it comes to booking for your wedding accommodations. A swimming pool and room service are also great additions if they are available. So, ask for what amenities your intended accommodations have and how functional they are.

·  The Welcome Bag

If you plan on distributing a welcome bag for your guests, don’t forget to ask if your accommodation will hand them out as your guests’ check-in or you’ll have to do it yourself.

Some of the contents should be toiletries that you know your accommodation will not be offering themselves. You could also include some snacks and drinks as a welcome to your loved ones.

Choosing the right accommodations for your wedding in Spain is important. Only well rested guests can have a fun time and make your wedding memorable. So, make sure you work closely with your wedding Spain planner to pick lovely accommodations for you and your guests.

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