Choose between a DJ or band for your wedding reception

Your wedding reception entertainment sets the tone for so much of your wedding! These are the most important events of your life, so considering the entertainment you want is an important part of planning the perfect wedding.

Choosing whether you want a live band or a DJ to perform at your wedding is important in the preparation process. Bands and DJs both have advantages and disadvantages. Some people remain concerned about the expense, believing that a full band would be too expensive, while others enjoy the concept of a DJ but fear it would be too dull and uninteresting.

After deciding your wedding theme when selecting between a live or DJ wedding band Glasgow for your party, there are a few essential factors to consider:

·       Wedding venue:

Consider whether the venue you’ve picked is conducive to a live band. A band may not be worth the effort in some places because of poor acoustics. You may also be compelled to pick a DJ over a band due to the size of your wedding location. Remember that a DJ can operate with an area the size of a desk, but a full band will require a proper stage.

·       Budget:

Consider your financial situation. A DJ is a more cost-effective alternative to a live performance if you don’t have a lot of spare cash. Hiring a DJ is less expensive than hiring a whole band because you’re just dealing with one emcee rather than several performers.

·       Music genre:

In this regard, both wedding bands and DJs have advantages and disadvantages. With the touch of a few buttons, a DJ may access a music collection with hundreds of thousands of songs, making it simple to please everyone, from your teen cousins to your grandparents. On the other hand, live music has a higher quality of sound, and the band can only play blues, but you know you’ll want to throw in some Lady Gaga.

·       Personality of DJ/Band members:

You have to make sure that the individual in charge of the performance has some personality and can maintain a high level of enthusiasm. Wedding DJs are typically seasoned emcees who know how to keep the crowd entertained. If you decide to go with a band, make sure the leader is a people person because they will make introductions and create the tone.

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