A Moissanite buying guide from MoissaniteCo

No doubt, diamonds are beautiful one of the most valuable and sought-after stones out there. Aside from diamonds, other stones may be utilized to produce jewelry that is just as exquisite. With their passion and brilliance, Moissanites are unbeatable. These days, young couples choose Moissanites over diamonds because of the recent media attention they’ve received. As popular as Moissanite is, many people don’t understand the stone’s true nature of looking for when buying one.

This guide from Moissanite Co explains all you need to know before you purchase any Moissanite gemstones or jewelry. You may get Moissanite gemstones and jewelry at a reasonable price at MoissaniteCo.com. The lab-created Moissanite stones are shaped and sized to mimic Moissanite of the greatest grade.

1.    Know about the sustainability of your Moissanite jewelry:

If you’re buying a Moissanite engagement ring, don’t forget to look at the side stones. You should make sure that your ring’s side stones are either lab-created or Moissanite. If you want your jewelry to last a long time, examine the metal and prefer a recycled metal like gold is a repeatedly recycled metal option without degradation. For a responsibly sourced Moissanite ring, choose the entire band, not just the Moissanite.

2.    Regrets associated with Moissanite gems:

You can’t regret buying Moissanite if you adore it for its properties and qualities. It will be cherished for the rest of their lives by couples who chose Moissanite because of its super-firey appearance and because it is so environmentally friendly. As far as ethical and sustainable jewelry goes, Moissanite is one of the best options as it is a man-made stone, and it doesn’t require mining to be immaculate. But if the diamond is your ultimate desire or you wish to acquire Moissanite for the sole purpose of “passing it off,” then you may be get disappointed.

3.    The resale value of Moissanite:

Initially, there was no resale market for the yellowish-green classic variety of Moissanite gems. But now, colorless and nearly colorless Moissanite that has been “gently handled” is becoming increasingly popular on resale sites. The early depreciation of expensive jewelry, like that of automobiles, is inevitable. A colorless Moissanite aftermarket looks to be taking shape.

4.    Diamond Vs. Moissanite:

How to find the difference between diamonds and Moissanites?

Try to rotate the ring around and look at its glitter to determine if it’s a Moissanites or a diamond. Fire and facet doubling may be seen in Moissanite if you look at it from the side. The amount of white light and colored light is the same. Moissanite is a kind of stone that has a high level of fire. Alternatively, gaze at the stone’s culet via the side facets. Because of this, you do not have a diamond if the culet seems to be doubled.

5.    The price difference between varieties of Moissanite:

Because of the wide range of prices, finding the perfect Moissanite ring center stone might be a bit of a challenge, but this discrepancy is understandable. Colored and near-colorless Moissanites are significantly more costly than classic Moissanites of yellowish-green color.

Also, Moissanites of inferior grade aren’t cut nicely. Low-end Moissanites have even had their facets sliced the incorrect way, so they seem to face the opposite direction. Decide on an uncolored, high-quality diamond-like Moissanite when choosing the center stone for your Moissanites ring or jewelry.

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