A Guide to Take Beautiful Wedding Photos at Night

Once the sun goes down and the party gets going, many couples like going outside to a scenic area of the venue to take some dramatic nighttime photographs. As a professional photographer in the wedding field, shooting weddings at night gives a unique aesthetic. It may be awesome to sneak the bride and groom away for some after-dinner photos after the reception.

When taking photos in low light or at night, the colors will seem completely different because of how your eyes interpret the light. At night, a wedding photographer can make out small stains and a spectrum of hues, whereas, during the day, they can make out a wider variety of colors.

Wedding photography at night may provide a number of challenges. There may be trouble focusing the camera on subjects because of the overcast sky. Here are three tips from Hochzeitsfotograf Berlin to help young photographers to become an expert in night portraiture and confidently navigate any challenges that may arise:

1.     Use the light available around you:

Use the available light to your advantage. Lights will be set up if the reception is held outdoors to help guests view the festivities. You may set the mood for your photos with unique lighting. In addition, the ambient lighting might serve as a complement to any off-camera lights you bring for the shoot.

2.     Use Flash wisely:

Every wedding photo session might have drastically varied lighting requirements. Light conditions might be challenging. Therefore extra gear is recommended. Depending on the aesthetic you’re going for, different kinds of Flash and off-camera lighting equipment may provide a unique look for the images.

Off-camera flashes let you bounce light off any surface, giving your photos a natural look and feel by absorbing the hues of the background. Look around to see if any lights are already on but aren’t bright enough to give your couple the light they need, and set up your off-camera lighting near them.

3.     It is suggested to get help from the backlight:

If there is not enough natural light available to properly illuminate the bride and groom during the wedding session, you may always resort to using the backlight. If there is anywhere your subject matter may pose, illuminate it with a light from behind. The location will look beautiful, and the bride and groom will have a romantic halo effect.

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