4 Secrets to Have a Stable and Happy Relationship

If I meet ten couples in a room and tell them that seven will end in divorce, would you believe me? Most likely not, but the reality is that 7 out of 10 couples end in divorceIn this article I am going to teach you 4 secrets so that your married life relationship can be saved from these terrible statistics and enjoy the love fully.

The love of a couple is a fundamental pillar of our life, having a person who loves you, respects you, values ​​you and cares about you is one of the most wonderful gifts of life.

Most couples often confuse the stage of falling in love with a stable and mature relationship. And this is normal because we mainly see on television and in the movies an image of a couple where the woman waits for the prince charming, he appears and they are happy forever.

Unfortunately it does not happen exactly like that, you see, a couple’s relationship is made up of several stages. The first is the stage of falling in love: in this stage everything is nice, we do anything for our partner, we see everything good and positive about him or her and we seem perfect. According to scientists this stage usually lasts approximately two years. So after this time things change.

These two years are the most “easy” since love guides our actions in a certain way and everything goes very well. After we overcome this stage, it is time to take our relationship to the next level, and we do this by learning about how to have a happy and lasting relationship.

90% of divorces could be avoided if both partners dominated the information and knowledge necessary to maintain a stable relationship.

4 Secrets to Have a Stable and Happy Relationship

Secret # 1: Reverse Communication.

Everyone says that in order to have a stable and happy relationship there must be good communication, in a certain sense it is fine. However we make a mistake when we confuse communication with talking at every moment, telling everything that has happened to us during the day and things like that.

Doing this is a mistake because the other person will feel exhausted and their interest will decrease little by little. The secret is to have an inverse communication, this means that instead of talking about you, you have to have a sincere interest in your partner and what you have to say or communicate.

When you are sincerely interested in your partner, the communication will flow in perfect harmony and both will feel good.

Secret # 2: Express How It Makes You Feel.

Expressing your feelings is a fundamental pillar to maintain a relationship.
Each attitude, each behavior, each action, each gesture of our partner makes us feel a certain way, taking this into account is very important that, when your partner makes you feel happy, tell him how happy he makes you feel and also when it makes you feel bad, always communicate it in a sincere and calm way.

In this sense remember that your only job is to tell him how he makes you feel, nothing more. Never wait for an answer or do something about it, because if you do it and it’s not what you expect it will be very frustrating for you.

Secret # 3: Smile.

When was the last time you smiled with your partner? The smile is the expression of well-being and happiness and this is what you want in your relationship, right?

Watch a laugh movie, tell jokes, take things with humor, look for some reason to smile. The sense of humor is undoubtedly the gasoline that drives a happy and lasting relationship.

Remember to maintain a balance. Taking things very seriously and taking things with much grace in both cases is a mistake. The important thing is that every day at least share a laugh 🙂

Secret # 4 Take Daily.

Physical contact in a couple is very important in married life. When I speak of “touch every day” I mean that every day at least embrace your partner sincerely, give him a kiss, hold his hand, put his hand on his shoulder or back.

A hug, a kiss, a pat on the back, are gestures that nourish and unite a couple. If you develop this positive habit in your relationship you will see how it improves and grows over time.