3 reasons to have an unplugged wedding

Nowadays, with smartphones and social media, everyone wants to make sure they never forget any important events or milestones in their life. But this has presented a challenge for wedding photographers and videographers since guests often use their gadgets to record these moments, sometimes getting in the way of the pros.

The notion of an “unplugged wedding” may be foreign to you if you are just starting to plan your wedding and have not been actively engaged in a wedding of any type in the last several years. This, believe it or not, is a thing, and the choice comes down to whether or not you want your wedding to be a technological showcase, with guests snapping photos and videos at every turn or a low-tech affair where no one is paying attention to their phones.

On the other hand, an unplugged wedding is one in which only a professional photographer and/or videographer are present to take photographs and/or film. Then, why would you want to have a wedding without any technology?

Wedding photographer Dallas has decided to go this route for three good reasons:

1.     To avoid first-look disasters:

Your wedding album will surprise you when you have an unplugged wedding. When it comes to wedding pictures, patience is a virtue. When a photographer takes a long time to provide the images, the couple may get impatient since they are eager to show them off to their loved ones. You have no idea how visitors will appear in their photographs, and no one wants the least flattering shots to become viral. You’ve spent months arranging the details of your wedding and have even engaged a professional photographer to record the day. So that your friends and family view your wedding in its most glowing light, photos should be distributed on your timetable and after you’ve seen them.

2.     Your wedding will be a chance for real-world socialization:

All of your guests are in the moment with you, which is one of the most compelling arguments in favor of an unplugged wedding. Nobody is glued to their phones or cameras throughout the ceremony or the reception. Instead, they are taking in the scene via their senses, making the most of their little time together.

You can enhance the significance of your wedding day by requiring your guests to speak to one another. This is beneficial for kids, and it also gives the photographer more chances to capture natural, genuine expressions.

3.     You have a professional photographer to narrate your fairytale wedding:

There are no “free” photographers. Therefore you can expect the highest quality available for the money you spend. When taking pictures, it’s very uncommon for the photographer to move about to avoid having spectators with their cameras and phones in the backdrop. The hired photographer shouldn’t have to share attention with the visitors and shouldn’t worry about the photos they’ve set up being wrecked by lens flares or poorly timed flashes. You will get the most out of your wedding photographer, and it’s best to have a plug-free ceremony.

Everyone hates seeing oneself in ugly images, but seeing your wedding photos may be especially painful. One of the primary reasons to have an unplugged wedding is to avoid having photos taken that make you feel bad about how you look. If you hire a professional photographer, they won’t make you look at any ugly photos, and you can confidently share just the best with visitors through digital media.

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