Best bar option for your wedding

The type of wedding environment decides what kind of bar is in need. For a classy, formal wedding affair couples probably shy away from having an open bar, but for a big party, it is more casual. Of course, the budget you have decided on the wedding bar also makes a difference. Depending on various considerable factors you have a flexible range of options to choose the perfect wedding bar.

  • Open bar:

To thank the wedding attendees open bar is a gracious way. An open bar can become the most expensive part of your wedding budget because guests can continue drinking. You will need to have a variety of alcohol, require mixers, and an experienced bartender to serve drinks to your guests.

  • Limited bar:

In a limited kind of bar, the host selects the drinks on their own terms. This is a perfect option for a wedding with a limited budget. By controlling the time for the availability of alcohol cost can be drastically cut down.

  • Cash bar:

Although it is the least popular option but can become a part of a budget-friendly wedding. Cash bar requires guests to pay for their own drink. Couples also go with cash bar when they provide wine or champagne for the toast and dinner.

  • Themed cocktail:

This is becoming the most prevalent option of today’s weddings. On wedding with an overall theme having a cocktail complementing the wedding theme is a fun addition. This is a fun way to add feel and ambiance and it perfectly manages your budget also.

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