The Best Wedding Packages In Bali

Weddings are one of the happiest celebrations humankind has always had. The origin of this customary celebration dates centuries back; every culture has its way of doing it. But one thing that stays the same across the board is the presence of two parties ready to be joined in holy matrimony.

Over the years, there has been a shift in the trends related to weddings. One time it was an event to celebrate with the whole community, but recently it has become even more appealing to have smaller and smaller intimate weddings. The guest list has tremendously shrunk from a booklet to just a page. So much so, now we do have luxurious wedding packages set for a small guest list. And what’s more exciting is that there is quite a lot to choose from. Sites such as The Seven agency, for instance, have the following packages for small intimate wedding affairs.

Sacred Beach Wedding

This is one of the best selection you can make when you have 20 guests attending your wedding. The setting is at Villa Campuhan in Bali, surrounded by enchanting blue waters and an unbelievable island landscape. You get to be joined to your loved one right beside the charming ocean water. After your ceremony, you can check-in into one of the luxurious Villas, soon after enjoy a candlelit dinner or a stroll along the beach. This package comes with the freedom of the bride and groom to choose their decor, access to a photographer, a makeup artist, and highly qualified organizers, among others. It truly is a deal for a lifetime at only $3650.

Ocean Hill Wedding

If you are a sucker for a scenic overview panorama, then this is the package for you. The ceremony is set at an ocean hill overlooking spectacular scenery. For your wedding photoshoot, you are offered five different locations, including a waterfall, a Balinese temple, a beach, a cliff, and a Lotus lagoon. For only $2150, you get a dedicated photographer, professional makeup artist, a decorated fruit basket, and a commemorative certificate, among others. Additionally, the bridal and groom party get world-class treatment as the organization team is western managed.

Exotic Elephant Wedding

For $2740, you get to be joined to your loved one at the Bali Elephant Park. On arrival, you and your spouse get a preconized consultation session with a wedding planner, a pre-wedding meeting presentation, and a bridal preparation room. Inclusive in the deal is photography, makeup services, customized decorations, plus a one-tier wedding cake. The most exciting part is having an elephant carry you down the aisle and also through the jungle after you have already exchanged your vows. It truly is a graceful event unmatched by any other.


Bali has beautiful sceneries with the widest choice of available wedding venues and locations that you will, without a doubt, cherish. And The Seven Agency can get you this and more packages. Your wedding photos from a Bali wedding will forever remind you of the best time of your life. You and your guests will, for sure, have a fantastic experience.